Triaxial tests for the Hardening Soil model

Opublikowany: 2019-10-24 15:23:10

In our laboratory, in addition to carrying out standard measurements, we also conduct scientific research, which are presented at conferences and seminars.

The subject of recent research was determination of strength parameters for the needs of the Hardening Soil model in a triaxial apparatus,  presented at the conference "Interfacial Phenomena in Theory and Practice" organized by the Gdańsk University of Technology.

The Hardening Soil model, in contrast to the Coulomb-Mohr model which is most often used by designers, allows to accurately determination the deformations of buildings such as tunnels or retaining walls.  This is due to the use of additional parameters describing deformations in the HS model - E50 or Eur

During our research, we determined fine sand parameters depending on the degree of compaction. Thanks to the use of world-class research equipment, we can provide the values of coefficients from the HS model with high accuracy.

We are currently dealing with the topic of filtration of cement-stabilized soils.

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