Detailed land contamination assessment

The service is performed in accordance with the Regulation of the Ministry of Environment of 1 September 2016 regarding methods of operating the land, including preliminary and detailed research (former Regulation on soil quality standards and land quality standards)

Dredged spoil contamination assessment

The service is performed in accordance with the Regulation of the Ministry of Environment regarding waste recovery outside installations and equipment (the former Regulation on the types and concentrations of substances that cause dredged spoil contamination)

Soil mechanics laboratory tests

  • macroscopic land examination
  • organic matter content
  • grain and particle size distribution by sieve analysis and hydrometer tests
  • shear strength measurement (direct shear apparatus)
  • oedometric tests
  • liquidity and plasticity limit
  • determining filtration coefficient (ITB-ZW-K2 apparatus)
  • determining filtration coefficient (oedometer)
  • Proctor's test
  • triaxial tests

Geological and geotechnical research

The research includes research drilling, probing: dynamic, CPT, CPTu SCPTu, FVT, DMT as well as dynamic plate load tests and VSS. We perform geotechnical investigations, prepare projects and detailed documentation.

Natural radioactivity research

Testing natural radioactivity of various materials, including construction materials that allows to detect radioactive elements with their activity and the equivalent dose they emit.

Soil density (compaction), asphalt and concrete testing

Isotopic research method - very accurate and fast, allowing to evaluate the density and humidity of the material within a few minutes.

Electrical resistivity tomography ERT

This is a geophysical survey based on the measurement of soil resistance, used in geology, geotechnics and archeology. It serves, among others, to locate faults, monitor dams, escarpments, landslides, examine geological layers, detect caves, perform archaeological research.

Our offer includes triaxial tests in each variant, i.e. CU (consolidated undrained), UU (unconsolidated undrained) and CD (consolidated drained). On the basis of the research, parameters such as: total and effective strength of the soil are determined, c, cu, c ', φ, φ'. We perform tests on samples with a diameter of 50 mm.

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